Contact the team direct on: 029 2150 4381 Royal Wax, Sunshack, Capitol Centre,  Queen Street,  Cardiff,  CF10 2HQ  

About Us

Royal Wax Studio is a full service body waxing salon that specialises in hair removal for both female and male waxing. We offer a range of hot wax and strip wax services for men and women including bikini wax, face wax, arm, leg and body waxing.

We have developed a method that minimises pain. We use high quality products that help keep skin hydrated smooth and flawless.

We pride ourselves in cleanliness and avoid cross contamination. There is never any double- dipping of waxing sticks. We use gloves to minimise contamination of the skin in order to minimise bumps after being waxed.

We also offer full luxury galvanic facial treatments for women and men. Other services also include eyebrows and eyelash shaping and tinting, threading and a range of massage services.


For more information on the range of services we offer please click on the below button.,

We also offer all our clients 2 hours free parking in the Capitol Center

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